Dealing with adversial positions post COVID 19

26th March 2020 Over the last few days I have read a number of articles from law firms, construction professionals and claims consultants on the impact of Covid-19. Unsurprisingly, a lot of these are focussing on contractual and common law rights of parties – with legal concepts such as force majeure, frustration, termination, suspension andContinue reading “Dealing with adversial positions post COVID 19”

Victims losing confidence in Justice System

Victims losing confidence in criminal justice system, research suggests as coronavirus delays trials Victims’ commissioner warns that bad experiences will make fewer people willing to support prosecutions Victims are losing confidence in the criminal justice system, new research has suggested as coronavirus delays cases. A report by the victims’ commissioner found “there is growing dissatisfactionContinue reading “Victims losing confidence in Justice System”

Bad Advice lead to losing at Arbitration.

Costain shares plunge after ruling on Welsh road contract Shares in Costain plunged 19% on Thursday when the contractor slashed profit forecasts due to an unexpected bill landing on its doormat from a costly road-building contract in South Wales.  The firm had expected the Welsh government to pick up the tab on ballooning costs for theContinue reading “Bad Advice lead to losing at Arbitration.”

Ethics and Negotiation: 5 Principles of Negotiation to Boost Your Bargaining Skills in Business Situations

How to use the principles behind negotiation ethics to create win-win agreements for you and your bargaining counterpart PON StaffDecember 12th, 2019 By — on / Negotiation Training Knowing the norms of ethics and negotiation can be useful whether you’re negotiating for yourself or on behalf of someone else. Each ethical case you come up against will have its own twistsContinue reading “Ethics and Negotiation: 5 Principles of Negotiation to Boost Your Bargaining Skills in Business Situations”

Boris will fix it

With a sizeable majority secured, the eyes of the legal profession now turn to Boris Johnson and his government and how they intend to run the justice system. The Law Society said today that repairing the system and championing the rule of law should be priorities of the new administration, alongside negotiating a future tradeContinue reading “Boris will fix it”

Bates V The Post Office

Post Office settles mammoth group action The epic Bates v Post Office group litigation, which has dragged on for over three years, has been settled, the parties announced today with the Post Office admitting ‘we got things wrong in our dealings with a number of postmasters’. The surprise announcement was made days before judgment in theContinue reading “Bates V The Post Office”

Peru’s Christmas fighting festival – mediation with punch

The festival of Takanakuy features music, dancing and a series of public fist fights. — Read on Peru’s Christmas fighting festival Each year, the Peruvian province of Chumbivilcas hosts the vibrant Christmastime festival of Takanakuy. High up in the Andes Mountains, at an elevation of around 3,600m in the well-known Cusco region, communities getContinue reading “Peru’s Christmas fighting festival – mediation with punch”

Mediation USA Iran

IRAN NEWS US Agrees To Japanese Mediation With Iran And Rouhani Trip 59 minutes ago Radio Farda The United States has indicated its approval with Japan’s plan to host a visit by Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani to Tokyo, Kyodo news agency quoted “diplomatic sources” as saying. Apparently, Rouhani is seeking Japanese mediation in breaking a deadlock withContinue reading “Mediation USA Iran”

Julie Hamilton: Spotlight on mediation – Scottish Legal News

Julie Hamilton considers the role of mediation in commercial litigation and whether the flexibility it offers may be the route to avoiding, or at least limiting, the disputes that get to court. What is mediation? As Scottish Mediation describes it: “Mediation is a flexible process that can be used to settle disputes in a wholeContinue reading “Julie Hamilton: Spotlight on mediation – Scottish Legal News”

Mediation between Bayer, plaintiffs seeks to clarify all justified claims: U.S. mediator | Article [AMP] | Reuters

Mediation between Bayer, plaintiffs seeks to clarify all justified claims: U.S. mediator | Article [AMP] | Reuters — Read on